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Valentine's Day Gifts: Gifts for Your Guy Plus an Inside Look at What Girls Really Want

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Gifts for Your Guy Plus an Inside Look at What Girls Really Want

Landri Moore, Staff February 10, 2014

With V-Day right around the corner, the big question is: what should a girl get a guy on Valentine’s Day? In my opinion, the guys have it easy; the stores are filled with gifts that any girl would love,...

Valentine's Day Dates

Valentine’s Day Dates

Chelsea Kerr, Staff February 9, 2014

On Valentine’s Day there are a lot of different activities you can do with either your date or with a best friend. Valentine’s Day is about the little gifts like roses, candy, cards, and stuffed animals....

DAHS Makes Christmas Sweet

DAHS Makes Christmas Sweet

Chelsea Kerr and Kelsie Hutton, Staff December 16, 2013

Christmas is almost here and to add to the excitement, DAHS publication staff has put together a few of their favorite Christmas recipes to make for yourself or give as gifts. Happy Baking! Celebration...

Student Workers: Anthony Rhodes

Student Workers: Anthony Rhodes

Haley Howe, Staff November 18, 2013

When you think of a job for a teenager, most people think of fast food, grocery stores, or lawn care, but not for Anthony Rhodes. Anthony’s job is not the typical teen job, but it is very close to his...

Student Workers: Danyail Hayko

Student Workers: Danyail Hayko

Chelsea Kerr, Staff November 18, 2013

Danyail Hayko is a normal, 16 year old working girl, with a not-so-normal job for a teenager. She works as a floral assistant at the Lemon Tree next to Sparkle Market in Lisbon. Danyail really enjoys her...

Student Workers: Tyler Howe

Student Workers: Tyler Howe

Kelsie Hutton, Staff November 18, 2013

Tyler Howe is a 15 year old sophomore at DAHS. He works at East of Chicago, which is a beloved pizza shop in Lisbon. He said he enjoys working there sometimes; he just does not like talking on the phone...

Student Workers: Alyssa Lane

Student Workers: Alyssa Lane

Allison Cosma, Staff November 18, 2013

Alyssa Lane is not your average working student. Not only does she have to work to provide an income for herself, but she has to provide for her 5 month old daughter, Aubree. Alyssa says over ninety percent...

Talking German

Brittany Greathouse October 15, 2013

Heute sind wir mit Jannik Schmidt sprechen. Oh, excuse me, today we are talking with Jannik Schmidt. He is the foreign exchange student from Germany at DAHS this school year. He filled us in on what...

A Fresh Start to a New School Year

A Fresh Start to a New School Year

Brittney Greathouse October 11, 2013

The school year has been here for a month or two now, and everyone is aware of what that means: early mornings, late night homework, and sleepless weekends. However, some of us are very new to this: the...

Who's Who at David Anderson- Senior: Austin Trapp

Who’s Who at David Anderson- Senior: Austin Trapp

Kelsey Hutton October 10, 2013

Austin Trapp is a senior at David Anderson High School. He was born May 12, 1996. He has a total of 5 siblings, 1 brother and 4 sisters. Austin’s best-loved food is gnocchi, and his choice of color...

Who's Who at David Anderson- Sophomore: Emma Angle

Who’s Who at David Anderson- Sophomore: Emma Angle

Chelsea Kerr October 9, 2013

Emma Angle is a sophomore at David Anderson High School. She was born January 16, 1998, and has an older sister, Kylie, and a younger brother named Nick. Emma’s favorite food is French fries, and...

Who's Who at David Anderson- Freshman: Corey Marple

Who’s Who at David Anderson- Freshman: Corey Marple

Haley Howe October 9, 2013

Corey Marple lives by the quote “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Corey was born on Jan. 12, 1998, and is a freshman at DAHS. He has two sisters and one brother. His number one activity...

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