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We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves – Music Review

We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves - Music Review

Tanner Crosser, Staff

May 19, 2020

John Maus is a solo artist from Austin, Minnesota. On stage he seems to be just the singer, but he is actually the one who writes all of the music you hear. This is John Maus’s third official album from 2011 after his first two albums “Songs” and “Love is Real” from 2006 and 2007. John Maus i...

On My Block – Netflix Series Review

On My Block - Netflix Series Review

McKenzie Gentry, Staff

April 15, 2020

On My Block is a Netflix series about a few teenagers growing up in, and around gang life. The series focuses on a friend group as they go through normal teenage life, but also intense life issues like loss, money struggles, and overall fear. Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal are the 4 characters who make u...

Hunger Games – Book Review

Hunger Games - Book Review

Abby Davis, Staff

April 15, 2020

The Hunger Games is a series of young adult novels. The novels have all been developed into films starring Jennifer Lawrence. The hunger games take place in future time, in the dystopian, located in North America. The country consists of a wealthy Capitol city, located in the mountains surrounded by ...

Eminem’s New Album – Review

Eminem's New Album - Review

Jaikep Entrikin & Chris Dunn, Staff

February 4, 2020

Last Friday Eminem released his most recent album called, Music to Be Murdered By. The album consists of 20 songs. One of the more popular songs on the album is “Godzilla.” The song is quite catchy. It makes you feel motivated in a way, and gives the feeling of good vibes. Towards the end of the so...

Dolittle – Movie Review

Dolittle - Movie Review

Tea Peppel & Nevaeh Burkholder, Staff

February 4, 2020

The movie, Dolittle, is set in the 19th century in England. It is about a man named Dr. John Dolittle. He is a doctor who can communicate with animals. He met a woman named Lily. She showed up to his manor because her bird was sick. They got married and lived very happily together with all of the ani...

Christmas Songs – Old and New

Christmas Songs - Old and New

Nevaeh Burkholder & Tea Peppel, Staff

December 10, 2019

Christmas is a holiday that children all around the world look forward to every year. With Christmas comes music, music that is played right after Halloween right up until the beginning of the New Year. Christmas music has been around since the early 13th century, a long time after the holiday was first ...

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Movie Review

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Movie Review

Madison Myers and Mackenzie Mohat, Staff

December 10, 2019

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a movie based on a true story from the show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred Rogers is played by Tom Hanks. The movie is about a reporter by the name of Lloyd Vogel who interviews Fred Rogers, also known as Mister Rogers. In a twist of events, Mister Rogers is ...

Gidim – New Album Review

Gidim - New Album Review

Tanner Crosser, Staff

November 6, 2019

Rings of Saturn released a new album on the 25th of October of this year called Gidim, which translates to “ancient ghost” in Sumerian Cuneiform. It’s called the “ancient ghost” because the ancient ghost created the universe. This is why the album cover is the big bang. The purpose of this...

One Day at a Time – Netflix Series Review

One Day at a Time - Netflix Series Review

Mckenzie Gentry, Staff

November 6, 2019

One Day at a Time is a Netflix original that started airing on January 6th, 2017, and produced three seasons of the show, each containing 13 episodes that ran for around 30 minutes. The show is loosely based on the original One Day at a Time series, but this time the show details the modern day lives...

IT Chapter Two – Movie Review

IT Chapter Two - Movie Review

Laura Waters, Staff

October 8, 2019

IT Chapter Two is a rated R thriller/ mystery movie that is 2 hours and 50 minutes long. It is a spinoff of the 2017 movie, called IT. The movie is about an evil clown, Pennywise, that returns to the town of Derry, Maine 27 years later to terrorize the community again. Members of the Loser’s Club, n...

The Battle of Yaldabaoth – Album Review

The Battle of Yaldabaoth - Album Review

Tanner Crosser, Staff

October 8, 2019

Infant Annihilator released their brand new album, The Battle of Yaldabaoth, on September 11th, 2019, which is the drummer’s birthday. The Battle of Yaldabaoth is what you’d expect from an IA album; fast, slow, heavy, chaotic, and disgusting in every good way possible. This album is meant to repli...

The Institute – Book Review

The Institute - Book Review

Madalyn Buchanan, Staff

October 8, 2019

The Institute by Stephen King. This story is about how intruders invaded Lukes home and murdered his parents. Luke is taken and wakes up in an institute, that houses kids with special talents such as telepathy and telekinesis. Luke and the other kids are in the front half of the institute, while there ar...

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