What Christmas Means to Me


Christmas means joy, peace, hope and love. ”

— Lauryn Todd

Christmas is right around the corner, and with it comes all of the holiday excitement. We asked some 8th grade students what Christmas means to them. Here’s what they said:

Christmas is that special time of the year when all of your worries just fade away and the joy of the holiday flood your home with music and Christmas spirit. It is about the joy of having folks being around you that you normally do not get to see. – Jacob Brown

Christmas means spending time with your family. It means watching Christmas movies with them, decorating a tree, putting up lights, listening to Christmas music, and making Christmas cookies. It means sled riding, playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, eating candy canes,  and waking up super early to see what is in your stocking and the presents under the tree. – Hannah DeLand

Christmas means joy, peace, hope and love. Most will recognize these as the four weeks of advent.  They are much, much more than that.  During the Christmas season, we feel enriched, enlightened, and giving.  – Lauryn Todd

Christmas might mean presents when you are young but when you start to get older you understand that Christmas is all about family. – Cade Zimmermann

Christmas is the love and warmth of my family and friends.  It also means the celebration of the birth of Christ. I should mention that it also means weight gain, with all the cookies and the desserts and the goody goods. – Alexcia Libert

As Christmas approaches, there is a warm feeling starting around your house. There is the sight of pretty lights as you go down the road as day turns to night. There is the giving and caring, the joy and the wonder, and nothing beats the look of joy on a little kid’s face when they run down the stairs on Christmas morning and see all those wonderful gifts wrapped under their tree. – Sarena Underwood

The best present for Christmas is being together with friends and family. It doesn’t matter about what is under the tree or in your stocking hanging by the fireplace. The true meaning of Christmas is being thankful for what you have and what has been given to you by friends and family. Christmas is not only being thankful for friends and family but also Jesus Christ. I am Catholic and we celebrate Christmas because that is the birth of Jesus. – Alyssa Chestnut

Christmas means, well it means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some celebrate it for the birth of Jesus, others do it just for the presents and then there are those people who celebrate Christmas as a way to get to see their entire family.-  Jeremy Byers

Christmas to me is celebrating Jesus, giving and being with family, and appreciating your friends. I think that is the true meaning of Christmas. When you are little, it is about receiving but when you get older you realize Christmas is much more than that. – Megan Graham