Lisbon Boys Basketball


The boys opened up their season on Friday, November 29th against the Beaver Local Beavers. Opening the season at home, the boys were excited and had high expectations. The boys came out ready to play and got away with the win. The game was a close one, but they came away with a 57-52 victory. Josh Liberati and Avery Andric were the leading scorers with 13 points each.  Matt Spencer added ten rebounds and five steals. Matt Spencer was also interviewed after the game and said, “We played a good game, but we need to be more consistent. We were bigger, stronger, and tougher this game, and overall it was a good win.” Their next game will be against Leetonia.

The Leetonia game came around and the boys went on the road for the first time this season. They had confidence and had high expectations again and wanted to become 2-0. The Devils played better in this game and won 66-45. Matt Spencer and Austin Rutecki were the leading scorers of the game. They both had 19 points and 12 rebounds. Avery Andric added 14 points and four rebounds, and Josh Liberati had four points, 13 assists, and five steals. Matt Spencer was also interviewed after this game and said, “We played more consistent and more smart this game. It was a better overall game than Friday.” When asked about what he thinks about his team after two games he said, “We are very physical and smart, a well rounded team. However, we could still be more consistent.” Matt also said, “My expectations are to win ITCL.” The Devils have a hard game next against the Rebels.

Crestview came to Lisbon for the third game of the season, and the boys were ready to extend their winning streak and show that they are true competitors this season. The boys played a great game and won 52-47. Avery Andric was Lisbon’s leading scorer with 15 points and he also added 9 rebounds. Josh Craig added a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Austin Rutecki and Josh Liberati had 11 points each and Matt Spencer had 8 points, 5 steals, and 10 rebounds. Josh Craig was asked about the game and he answered, “It was a big win. We played really well as a team and you can tell that we are really coming together.” Matt Spencer was also asked about it and he answered, “It was a statement win; shows that we are for real this year. It changed us from being the hunters this year into the hunted.” The boys next game is at United, a game they would like to get because of the upset last year.

It was the game of revenge for Lisbon. They traveled to United to play them for the first time since they were upset last year. They won big,64-42, and Josh Liberati was the leading scorer with 15 points. Josh Craig and Austin Rutecki added 13 points each, Matt Spencer had 11 points and Avery Andric had 9 points. Josh Craig was asked for his thoughts after the game and he replied, “It was a good win as a team and another win in the ITCL.” He was asked what his expectations were and what he thought of the senior leader, “My expectations are to win the ITCL, and Matt is a great leader.” Matt was asked for his thoughts on this game and he replied with, “It was a revenge game from the upset last year. It also showed how well rounded our team is.” He was asked how his team has matured and he answered with, “Well, last year everyone wanted to be leading a statistic for every game, and now everyone just wants to win.” Finally, Matt was asked about how he feels about being the leader and said, “It feels good because I have a good, solid team around me, and they are all so basketball smart that it makes my job easier.” The boys will travel to Southern on Friday to take on the Indians. They will be looking to extend their winning streak to five games.

The Devils traveled to Southern on Friday to play the Indians and try to extend their winning streak to five. They beat the Indians 66-45 and extended their streak as planned. Matt Spencer had 17 points, 9 rebounds, and two blocks. Josh Liberati had 14 points, five assists, and two steals. Avery Andric also added 9 points and four blocks. Liberati was asked for his thoughts on the game and he said, “We played well as a team in the second half and got the win.” Matt was also asked about it and he said, “Besides from the free throw line, we played the best we have played all season.” The Devils travel to Columbiana next to try and keep the streak going and get another win in the ITCL.

The boys went to Columbiana looking for another ITCL win. The Devils headed into Columbiana confident and ready to keep the streak alive. The Devils get an easy win over the Clippers with the score being 52-38. Austin Rutecki had 18 points, and Matt Spencer had 10 rebounds. Josh Liberati added 9 points and had five assists. Liberati was asked about the game and said, “We played really bad in the first half, but turned it around in the second half.” Matt was also asked and said, “We played to their level in the first half, but in the second half we played to our potential.” The boys will have a hard game against South Range at home on Friday.