Veterans Day: The DAHS Way


On November 11th, 2013 David Anderson High School commemorated Veterans Day by putting together a special presentation in the auditorium during 7th and 8th period. The auditorium was decorated with red, white, and blue balloons and streamers, with the high school band playing in the back of the room.

Mr. Siefke, our principal, welcomed everyone to the presentation and announced all the veterans who were present for the day. Some veterans were alumni from our very school, and some had just graduated only a year ago. After Mr. Siefke was finished, the high school choir performed a medley of military songs for each branch of the military. The veterans proudly stood for their respective branch when it was sung. The choir also performed “A Song of Peace”, along with other songs, featuring Cami Freeland as a soloist.

Mr. Zeck, a science teacher at our school and a retired Air Force veteran, introduced the guest speakers. Mark Boley, an Air Force veteran, talked about what he thinks it means to be a veteran.   Zack Freeland, an Army veteran, told how he was inspired to join the military and how difficult it was to leave family and friends for extended periods of time.  Courtney Morrell, a recent graduate of David Anderson and naval recruit, gave an emotional and heartwarming speech about her time in the Navy.

After the veterans told their stories, a video was shown that featured the parents, grandparents, and other relatives of students that have served in the armed forces. Students and teachers also shared their beliefs on what Veterans Day means to them.

The last two periods of the school day were filled with patriotism, love, and emotion as families reconnected and the students of DAHS learned the true meaning of Veterans Day. All in all, the event was a huge success that many students, teachers, and faculty enjoyed.