The Pros and Cons of Technology Part 1: The Pros


Technology plays a large part in our everyday life, from waking up to the alarm clock on our phone to turning off the computer at the end of the night. It has helped create connections throughout the world. People can play video games online with anyone in the world and sports fans can check the scores of the big game in seconds. Technology is used in everyday life for almost everyone.

Schools are utilizing technology to create a paperless environment. Students can now use computers to write papers, find information in seconds, and get their school work organized. Using E-mail, international phone plans, and social media, technology has helped connect friends and family in other countries. Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, allow friends and family to communicate with one another easily and stay updated with what is going on in their lives. The military uses the latest computer technology to save lives; they can send a drone into battle and strike a target without putting any U.S. troops in harm’s way.

Without technology, I feel that our everyday routine would become crippled and it would become difficult to function in our daily lives. We have become so dependent on technology that without it, we would not know how to get through the day. We would feel incomplete, lost, and in the dark.