Student Workers: Anthony Rhodes


When you think of a job for a teenager, most people think of fast food, grocery stores, or lawn care, but not for Anthony Rhodes. Anthony’s job is not the typical teen job, but it is very close to his personality. Anthony works as a cow milker for Ruby’s Farm. He enjoys working at Ruby’s Farm, where he gets to play with all the animals, mostly cows. Even though he would rather be riding four wheelers, hunting, or working on trucks, he works to help his mom out with the bills and to have extra money to buy things he wants.

Anthony has been working at Ruby’s Farm for 11 months, usually 3-6 days a week. He likes the cows, but not the really hard work of bailing hay. He says bailing hay is a lot of grueling work in sweltering heat, and he would rather be milking cows in the barn. He comes home at late hours, usually covered in dirt. He has to grab a long shower before he can go out with friends . After that, you will usually see him out and about with his best friend, Austin, or at McDonald’s eating.