Young Frankenstein Comes Alive at Trinity Playhouse


Actors at the Stage Left Trinity Playhouse put on a performance of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein from October 4th through October 20th.  Although the show had been heavily edited, the show still contained many of the mature themes and adult humor that makes the show altogether provocative, humorous, and enjoyable for all who attended.

The classic tale of Viktor von Frankenstein is one that is well-known: a mad scientist uses cadaver parts from fresh corpses to stitch together a monster that wreaks havoc on a small Romanian town called Transylvania. Young Frankenstein, the movie-turned-musical, focuses on Viktor’s grandson Frederick Frankenstein, a New York doctor originally played by Gene Wilder; Craig Snay played the role with great humor and sincerity, but could have worked more on projecting. After the death of his grandfather, Frederick must leave behind his promiscuous fiancée Elizabeth Benning, played by the enormously talented and funny Ali Flanagan, to settle his grandfather’s estate. Once there, he meets Igo, played by the always hilarious Michael Dempsey, and a spunky lab assistant named Inga, played by Anna Sturgeon, with whom he follows in the footsteps of his family and creates a terrifying monster. The monster, played by Vince Ward, does not wreak havoc so much as stumble around confusedly and strangle the nearest person at the sight of fire; yet, it works completely well for the monster, who is not so much a ‘monster’ as much as a large presence with a mind like a frightened child.

The show was altogether enjoyable, complete with talented actors, enjoyable music, and the same silly humor that made the movie with the same name famous. Even mishaps with props and costumes did not take away from the play, and the show went on for all nine performances.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein – Craig Snay
The Monster – Vince Ward
Igor – Michael Dempsey
Inga – Anna Sturgeon
Elizabeth Benning – Ali Flannigan
Frau Blucher – Patti Jo Pritchard L’Italien
Inspector Hans Kemp – Will Flannigan
The Hermit – Will Flannigan (1st Weekend); Jacob Ward (2nd and 3rd Weekends)
Dr. Viktor von Frankenstein – Tyler Stouffer (1st and 2nd Weekends); Nathan Kuhns (3rd Weekend)
Ziggy – Nathan Kuhns
Telegram Delivery Boy – Ben Morgan
Shoe Shine Boy – Jonathan Gant
Villagers – Christina Fonner, Niki Slaven, Chloe Klotz, Paige Johnson, Brittney Haynes, Sydney Daily, Anna Sturgeon, Ben Morgan, Jonathan Gant, Tyler Stouffer, and Jacob Ward
Students – Christina Fonner, Niki Slaven, Chlore Klotz, Nathan Kuhns, Jonathan Gant, Paige Johnson, Brittney Haynes, and Sydney Daily
Ritz Dancers – Christina Fonner, Niki Slaven, Chloe Klotz, Nathan Kuhns, Jonathan Gant, and Brittney Haynes