Mr. Bing Returns to Blue Devil Country


Walking through the halls of David Anderson, you might catch a new face in the building, that man is Mr. Bing. He was a student at DAHS in the late 90’s and graduated in 2001. Mr. Bing loves the fact that he can come back to contribute to the place that made him who he is today. “It is home,” he said.  When asked how he felt working with teachers that used to teach him, he said, “it’s a different connection; they’re your co-workers now, not your teachers.”  Whenever Mr. Bing is not teaching, coaching, or working on his masters, he is spending quality time with his friends and family. “I like to have people come over and I like to cook for them, I like to have a good time. In the summertime we like to hang out by the pool, do sports type stuff, throw the football, and throw the Frisbee,” he noted. He also makes sure to be with his daughter as much as he can, playing Barbies, zoo animals, tea parties, and watching ‘Good Luck Charlie’ “like five times” on demand.

In the future, Mr. Bing plans to continue his education and work his way “up the ladder” by finishing his masters and going back to get his PhD. When asked if he had any particular goals in his career, he responded by saying, “when I graduated college I said to myself  that I want to be the most educated man in any room, and to do that is to get my PhD.” While his career is his top priority in his life right now, Mr. Bing also likes to enjoy life and bring warmth and comfort to others. He has already brought smiles to many of the students and will even be auctioned off at the Halloween Auction.  In the short time that Mr. Bing has been back at DAHS, we can all agree that he is here to stay, and the best of him is yet to come.