Take the Challenge – Participate in Academic Challenge

Take the Challenge - Participate in Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge is a really fun thing to do. If you participate, you learn new facts that you never knew and compete with people that you have never met. You also may make new friends from other schools.

This is my second year participating in Academic Challenge and I really enjoy it. Last year I did not answer any questions because I was new at it, but this year I am determined to answer a lot of questions.

Our meetings are usually about thirty minutes and we answer questions, have a snack, and discuss different topics. The meetings are every month and we have more meetings the closer we get to the meets.

We have two meets at our school and the rooms are located in the junior high wing. Our first meet is in February or March and it does not really count against us if we win or lose. But the second meet is the finals. Last year Lisbon won first place and our picture was in the newspaper. We are determined to take first again this year.

If you are scared to join Academic Challenge because you think you are not super smart and will not be able to answer the questions, well it is not true, because anyone can do this and have a good time.  You will be part of a great team. If you want to join the junior high team, see Mrs. Lane for more details. I hope to see you at our next meeting.