Spirit Week is Alive at DAHS


DAHS students did not hold back during the 2013 football homecoming spirit week. Spirit week always adds to the hype of homecoming. It helps make the week fly by when dressing up to the crazy themed days. Spirit week also brings the student body together to have a very memorable football season. Themes were picked by DAHS cheerleaders and chosen due to the trends in society today.

Monday’s theme was chosen due to the uprising super hero trend. We had superheroes from the Marvel League to the DC League. We also had superheroes that created their own story and dressed up in bed sheets and tights.

You better make sure your crown was not stolen for Tuesday’s princess theme. We had princes and princesses galore. Thankfully, they were happy to share their Lisbon kingdom for the day.

You probably had your shades on Wednesday due to the neon colors bursting from the DAHS hallways. This theme does not require a tiara, but simply a bright colored shirt. We had many participants that were glowing with neon.

Although Mardi Gras is in February, it came early for the DAHS student body.  Thursday’s theme of Mardi Gras had many students  wearing beads and feathered masks to show their DAHS spirit.

And last, but certainly not least, the students of Lisbon showed their blue devil pride by taking blue and white to an extreme. All students were encouraged to wear school colors to the big homecoming game in support of the Lisbon Blue Devils.