A Fresh Start to a New School Year

A Fresh Start to a New School Year

The school year has been here for a month or two now, and everyone is aware of what that means: early mornings, late night homework, and sleepless weekends. However, some of us are very new to this: the freshman. We all remember it; the first time sharing classes with people outside our own grade, the increased amount of homework, and the late nights cramming for tests. Some students are just experiencing this, though, and it is quite the eye-opener.

A multitude of feelings can come through a student’s mind when they first enter this abyss of hormones and drowsiness: excitement, nervousness, apprehension, and maybe a little nausea. J.R Rose, a freshman this year, said he was “excited” to start high school.

One can not enter a new place without comparing it to old places we have been. It’s just human nature. Junior high is quite different from high school, and we know this from the get-go. Catherine Wallace believes that, so far, high school is “better than junior high” because there are more people to talk to. Although, J.R. misses the junior high sometimes, Catherine and Alli Davis disagree.

Students go through many teachers in their lifetime, and some stick out more than others. When asked what teachers they’ll miss, J.R. and Alli both said they would miss Mr. Zeck. Mrs. Lane, Mr. Thompson, and Mrs. Snyder were other teachers the freshman will miss having in class.

As with everything, you have to take the bad with the good. One thing Alli likes best about high school so far is the apparent lack of drama. However, she doesn’t like having gym every day. On the other hand, gym class is what J.R. likes best about high school.

Although some students are just starting, there is a group of students that have been there and know the most about high school: the seniors. As a word of advice to the freshman, senior Megan House said, “In all seriousness, do your homework. Also, don’t miss a lot of school.” I think students in all grades can agree that homework is not desirable, but it is something we all need to do, and a primal part of learning. Spencer Hess, another senior, said, “Even though it seems like the teacher gives you a lot of work, do it. It will help you out in the long run.”

High school is something we have to go through, whether we like it or not. My words of wisdom would be to take the good with the bad and do your best. You only have to do it once, so make the most of it.