Who’s Who At David Anderson- Junior: Jannik Schmidt

Whos Who At David Anderson- Junior: Jannik Schmidt

Jannik Schmidt is a junior at David Anderson High School. He is our foreign exchange student from Germany. Jannik was born on September 19, 1996 and has one brother named Philipp.

His favorite color is orange and his top food is pizza. Jannik’s first choice in a movie would be The Blind Side and his number one book is the Bible. He enjoys shopping at the Nike store and his pick for a car is a Volkswagen. His favorite singer is MGK. Jannik likes to rap, so it is obvious that he would choose a rapper.

Jannik likes the football team the most at our school. He said that the team is doing pretty decent this year with his added skills as the varsity kicker and wide receiver.

Jannik is enjoying his stay in Lisbon and life as an American. He is also very thankful for the many friends he has made.