TOP 5! Shows and Movies

I talked with the students at DAHS and asked took a poll on Lisbon’s Schools Top 5 Favorite TV shows and movies of all time and here are the results, 



  • 5. The Vampire Diaries– Coming in at number five we have The Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries is about a girl who meets vampires and falls in love with them. 
  • 4. The Walking Dead– At number four is The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a science fiction show about Zombies tthat are called Walkers. 
  • 3. Gossip Girl– At number three is Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is a show about a girl who returns back to Manhatten after her mysterious disappearance to a boarding school while being followed by a gossip website entitled Gossip Girl. 
  • 2. Grey’s Anotomy – Entering our top two we have Grey’s Anontomy. Grey’s Anontomy is a drama medical show. Grey’s Anotomy focuses on the lives of surgeons.  
  • 1. The Office- At DAHS our number one favorite show is The Office. The Office is a comedy based in a paper company. It is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 



  • 5. Happy Gilmore – At number five we have Happy Gilmore. Happy Gilmore is about a guy who is a failed hockey player but finds his talent for golf. This is a well-known Adam Sandler movie. 
  •  4. Step Brothers- At number four we have Step Brothers. Step Brothers is a comedy about two adult men who still live with their single parents. Their parents end up getting married and they become step-brothers. 
  • 3. Grown Ups- At number three we have Grown Ups. Grown Ups is the second Adam Sandler movie on our list. Grown Ups is a comedy about a group of middle school friends that are reunited after many years. 
  • 2. Marvel Movies- At number two we have a series of movies. The Marvel Movies are based off of the Marvel Comics. Marvel Movies are about superheroes.
  • 1. Star Wars- Our number one movie here at Lisbon David Anderson is the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars movies are about Luke Skywalker and his journey. 


At Lisbon David Anderson we had some good television shows and movies that were considered our favorites.