New Season, New Sports


 This Spring, new and upcoming opportunities will appear all across the athletics board for all students. We have Baseball, Softball, and of course Boys and Girls Track. Adjustments have been made to all athletics due to Covid-19 and these sports are no exception. Masks are required during certain points, as is sanitation and social distancing to ensure safety to all athletes and by-standers. 

A member of this year’s baseball team, freshman Gage Owens, mentioned the potential in this years team and in the teams of years to come. He also said in response to the question “What are you most excited about, for the upcoming season?” Owens responded, “ I am excited to get better and be able to play among the upperclassmen”.

This year’s softball team has quite the name to live up to, with last year’s phenomenal season. With the low number of freshmen moving up, the lack of players is a bit concerning however, there are no doubts they can play to everyone’s expectations and reach their full potential.

 This year’s track team however is on the opposite end of the spectrum with nearly 10 freshman in total. Many parents, spectators, athletes and other students are excited for this spring’s upcoming seasons whether it be to play, watch, or cheer on their loved ones.