COVID-Friendly Fun


In the last year many of the various things we do to keep busy have been shut down. Amusement parks, stores, camps, and fairs are just a few. However as time has gone past, we have made rules and adapted to this new lifestyle. Things are starting to open backup and people are getting back out there. 

Due to new COVID-19 regulations, many businesses have had to adjust and adapt to the new lifestyle. This has been a challenge for them however it has also brought up new business opportunities for upcoming generations. If you are ever feeling bored or sluggish below are a few ideas of things you can do COVID safe.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Ohio Kitchen and Shop) located in Cleveland Ohio, and it’s a great place if you are looking for a road trip. Along with this 4.5 star rated ice cream shop, Cleveland also has a number of cool museums to offer. Including Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and Children’s Museum of Cleveland.

Leetonia Beehive Coke Ovens Park is also COVID-friendly; it’s a place that’s perfect for a nature walk and a history lesson. Go enjoy the beautiful scenery with a relaxing stroll through the park. At the park they have actual coal ovens which were used to bake coal during the major coal mining years. They also have available the actual rail car used to transport the coal.