FREE BRITNEY: Will She Ever Get Justice?


A conservatorship is when a guardian or protector is appointed by a judge to manage someone’s finances and daily life decisions. Conservatorships are commonly used to help elderly people manage their daily needs. In this case we are talking about popstar, Britney Spears who was sentenced to a conservatorship in 2008 regarding her public breakdowns. 

It’s almost been 12 years of Spears conservatorship and people are questioning if she even needs one. After accomplishing so much before and after her conservatorship started, fans don’t think that the 37 year old is still in need of control over her financial affairs. Free Britney is a fan-made movement that has used their voices to help the singer-songwriter escape from the legal binding. Later dropping more albums, such as ¨Circus¨ and performing in Vegas for years earning almost 1 billion dollars people think that if the vocalist can achieve that, then she can have full control over her day-to-day life. Following the new ¨Framing Britney Spears¨ documentary, Britneys dad who controls all of her finances stated that he ¨saved Britney’s life by putting her into conservatorship. On the other hand, Brittney insists to stop Jamie from being her supervisor. In August of 2020 Britney even petitioned to replace her father, claiming that she is ¨scared¨ of him. Accompanied by one final update as of February 12th, the Judge rules that the singer’s father must share ownership over her finances, giving Bessemer Trust equal power. 

Fellow fans of the ¨Baby One More Time¨ singer are still promoting their years long ¨Free Britney¨ Movement in protests and even taking it to social media, using Twitter and Facebook. With another hearing scheduled on March 17th, we can only hope for a happy ending for the super star!