Catching a Glimpse of Asian Representation in Acting


Throughout the years we have been able to watch more and more people of Asian descent branch into the acting industry and start careers of their own. From films such as Crazy Rich Asians, Big Hero 6 and Parasite, I think that having Asian representation in movies is important.

With an all-asian cast, Jon M. Chu´s 2018 hit film, Crazy Rich Asians starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding broke many records with critics saying ¨…one of the best movies I ever watched!” and ¨…amazing fashion and amazing music.¨ The romantic comedy would soon break the record for most ticket sales being the highest-grossing movie of its genre in the past decade, beating 2009s ¨The Proposal.¨ This feature is so important in today’s society because it showcases Asian-American characters in a way that doesn’t stereotype them. This movie would only introduce more Asian inclusive love stories, such as Netflix´s ¨To All The Boys I Loved Before¨ and ¨Always Be My Maybe.¨ Viewers in which were asian were finally able to connect to a movie, stating that it brought joy to them seeing people who looked and talked like they did shown on the big screen. 

Big Hero 6 is the first Disney Animated film to feature characters from the well-known Marvel Comics! With its mild success, this movie proved that an Asian American cast can top the box office, passing the 2014 Frozen short film titled, ¨Frozen-Fever.¨ The Don Hall hit revolved around Hiro, the free-spirited teenage boy who loves nature and can always handle a situation with a calm and determined mindset. Many people began to praise Disney for its inclusivity in having its first ever mixed-heritage protagonist. The phenomenon was well received by critics for including a mostly Asian cast, especially for Hollywood’s reputation for giving white actors Asian roles. This movie paid a tribute to Japanese culture including its architecture and designs in the fictional city known as Sanfransokyo, a city in which bridges both Tokyo and America together. Overall, this animation helped audiences catch a glimpse of Asian-culture breaking away from the stereotypes in a beautiful way.

Winning for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, the 2019 thriller featuring Cho Yeo-jeong broke many records. Parasite follows the Kim family who dreams of one day getting out of poverty. Kim Ki-woo cons his way into the wealthy Park family after coming up with a scheme to tutor Mr. Park’s daughter, which will change the lives for everyone forever. Parasite would become one of the biggest movies in the world breaking the record for being the first film to win both the Best International Feature Film and Best Picture Oscar. The Korean film would help boost the careers of the all Asian cast such as Woo-sik Choi, who was featured in 2020s, ¨Time to Hunt.¨ Over the past 92 years of Oscars history we have been introduced to more and more diversity shown in films, but with Parasite winning Best Picture it appears we are progressing towards more inclusivity for those of Asian background in the acting industry. With it currently holding the title as the 46th highest-rated film of all time, we can only expect many more Asian-inclusive hits to come!

We have all had the opportunity to see Asian actors grow, along with their movies, whether it is a Romantic Comedy such as Crazy Rich Asians or an Animated Action film such as Big Hero 6, I feel it is important to include Asians in the acting industry because it lets audiences learn more about the world around us and those who are Asian feel included and welcomed!