Back to Normal?


As we hear more and more news about this pandemic everyday, the anticipation of going back to normal life rises, especially for teenagers. The new vaccines mean a lot of things will start changing, but what does this mean for teenagers and students? 

The country’s vaccination plan is mostly targeted towards the elderly and high risk. This means that the general public will be waiting months to receive their dose of the vaccine, but for kids, it will be even longer. So far, none of the vaccines have been approved to be given out to anyone under the age of 16, which is most students. Any students in that age bracket are still only approved for Pfizer vaccine, but it could still be many months before they are able to receive it. Luckily, both Pfizer and Moderna have started clinical trials for kids younger than in that age bracket. 

Summer is something that nearly everyone anxiously waits for every year. Last summer on the other hand was not necessarily deemed as fun. Students especially love summer because it is the one time of year where they don’t have to worry about school, so will this year be better? Even though Covid-19 will not be going away anytime soon, the vaccinations have been letting numbers drop. Many scientists and doctors believe that a majority of American citizens will be vaccinated by July 2021, and that people will be able to travel responsibly by then. With obvious restrictions, there is still hope that this summer will be much better than last year. 

  School has looked very different for everyone over the past twelve months, and it is tiring to think that next school year might look the same. Luckily, numbers are decreasing everyday, and we saw that warm weather last year helped drop the numbers even more. As mentioned previously, our government and health professionals hope that a majority of Americans will be vaccinated by July, including kids. Doctor Anthony Fauci says that a herd immunity should come a few months after the vaccine is widely distributed. This timeline brings us to the end of 2021 for things to start going back into normal. With that being said, next school year will most likely still have restrictions, but by the second semester, it will probably be safe to start holding larger events and going back to the school we are used to. 

This pandemic feels like it might not ever end, and can be very frustrating to everyone who misses living their life the way that they used to, teenagers are no exception. Luckily, with this new vaccine and Covid-19 plan, it seems that normal life is on a distant horizon. The next year will be full of changes, ones that will give students the opportunity to get vaccinated, enjoy their summer, and have a somewhat ‘normal’ 2021-2022 school year.