State Testing: Should It Happen?

My opinion on why we should have State Testing this year. I think it is needed even if everyone doesn’t want to take it. Last year everything was crazy and we weren’t even in school for the last quarter of the school year, so I understand why we have to “get out of the test free card”. Therefore, this year most of us have been in school, and everything is a lot more organized. Even with remote learning after Christmas and Thanksgiving, it still is a better work environment than last year when we barely even had a Zoom meeting. Also, my last point is that how are we going to be able to separate kids that are trying, studying and taking school seriously than kids who aren’t and don’t even want to be here? So in conclusion, we should have the state tests to better ourselves and  peers academically.


There was a decrease in both sports this year. I think the senior class last year had a lot of kids leave and that is what contributed to the decrease. The freshman class coming up doesn’t have a lot of kids playing baseball and softball. I know on the baseball team this year there are only 4 freshmen playing. Last year there were about 18 or 19 kids that played on the team. This year there is only going to be 14 or 15 or not even that. I could not find accurate statistics for softball however but I predict there will be a decrease as well.