Then and Now: The Difference


Have you ever had an older adult tell you “Well, back in my day….” or “When I was a kid we had it so much harder, stop complaining”? As a young adult, hearing those words is just a slap in the face. Yeah, we get it. It is not the same as it used to be, but what are we supposed to do about it? I am not trying to degrade all of the work put in throughout the past generations. I know my ancestors, grandparents and parents worked super hard and how much they did. I am grateful too, but to tell us that we aren’t doing good enough is not right either.


One of the most common remarks that I hear is that they work way harder than we do now. That is partially true, even the way my parents and I grew up are completely different. There have been many advances in technology and advances in science. They worked harder because they had to. That was the only way they knew and the equipment and technology were not as readily available. Now, easier ways have been found, some good and some bad. I am not talking about work ethic here, I am talking about the physical work and how it could be done. It’s different now whether we like it or not. They act like if they grew up like we did, that they would not do the same things we do. Let’s face it, times have changed. It is up to us to determine what’s next, but guidance and support would be better than being compared to the past. Comparing their childhood to ours is like comparing an apple to an orange, you just can’t.