Wow Moment


Just having Black History Month, a strong-willed and courageous woman in a mostly man’s world, Brehanna Daniels, comes to mind. It all started in 2016 in the cafeteria of Norfolk State University when now 27 year old Brehanna was tapped on the shoulder by Tiffani-Dawn Sykes. Before this life changing day, Brehanna had played basketball all her life and was a shooting guard in college. Then, her whole life was flipped upside down. Tiffani, the university’s NCAA eligibility specialist gave her a once in a lifetime opportunity. She had the option to either go to a NASCAR pit crew tryout or tape a six-hour baseball game for her campus internship. The catch was that she only had two days to make a decision. 


After watching videos of pit stops during races, she was amazed. Brehanna says, she woke up on that Wednesday morning and God told her she had to go to the NASCAR tryouts. When she got there, she was the only woman out of the four students. After tryouts, she attended NASCAR’s Drive For Diversity National Combine in May. At the combine, only six out of twenty-four participants were women, and only half were going to make it into the new class. When Brehanna got the call that she got in, all she could do was cry. Now, coming up on the 5 year mark, Brehanna, who is of Guyanese and African American descent, is the first black female pit crew memeber for NASCAR. She went from shooting in the gym everyday, to changing tires in only 13 seconds.


Brehanna’s role in the pit crew is very impactful. Brehanna says “It means a lot to me to be in this position to be able to make a difference, to be able to make change.” Brehanna has inspired other black women to want to join her in the pit. Thanks to Daniels, that has happened and she  now has another Black woman in the pit crew. Brehanna even posted on Instagram about how happy she was that she has another Black woman by her side. Erik A. Moses, the first Black president of any NASCAR track said “It’s fantastic not only because she’s an African American but more particularly because she’s a woman.” He elaborates by saying that speed, agility, and strength are a necessity to make the pit stops quick and efficient. He loves knowing that little boys and girls can now imagine their future career at NASCAR.