Best Spirit Week Ideas


Spirit week has always been something students and teachers at DAHS enjoy. It gives everyone a chance to let loose and change things up; another plus, it is 100% optional. Generally for spirit week you would notice the basic, School Colors Day and Red White and Blue day. However here at DAHS we have had many more, interesting ideas coming afloat.


Top 10 Spirit Week Ideas: Brought to you by the students and staff at DAHS

       Below are the top 10 spirit week ideas, voted on by students and staff. They may be previous ideas or completely new ones, we haven’t done yet. There were many other good ideas provided however these were given as the top 10.

       Starting off at number 10 we have Pajama day. Pajama day allows for students to dress comfortably during their everyday classes which can lead to easier focussing and better production. This also allows for teachers to take a break from their everyday dress-up work attire.             Now; falling in at number 9 we have Accessory day. This could be anything from a bracelet to a hat and pair of sunglasses. This gives students to mix and match different items from their wardrobe with little judgement. 

       Coming in at number 8 we have Nerd day. The perfect chance to bring out your inner nerd. All the movies of pig tails with big glasses and braces have now come to life. Up next for number 7 is career day. Dress up as what you aspire to be in your distant future. Get as creative as you would like and dress up as anything from a lawyer to a mail man.

       Stumbling in as number 6, dress your best. Dress up as if you were going to an important interview. Looking for a reason to dress up? This is the perfect opportunity. 

Halfway done at number 5 we have Support your Favorite Teacher day. We all know we shouldn’t have favorites however, we also all know we do anyways. This spirit week theme gives everyone the opportunity to dress up like their favorite teacher. 

       Down to the final four, placing in 4th is a good old Western day. Dress in your best mid-western style clothing for a day. Next up as number 3 we go to the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Tourist or Hawiian day. If you have never been to Hawaii or any other tourist attractions this would be your chance to play make believe. I have found that when acting as if on a vacation or break or maybe even just dressing up like it, helps to relax a bit. Along with that, the tourist style is a bit more adventurous and diverse than the everyday attire. On this specific day it can give people a chance to try dressing outside of their comfort zone and explore new styles.

       Now, in 2nd place is… Twin day. This is one we have done many times and that we still do quite often however each time, you notice new ideas popping up. It is amazing to see what so many creative minds can come up with. Finally in first place for The Best Spirit Week ideas we have; Your favorite Fictional Character day. I don’t think we have ever done this one, however, just the idea of all the cool outfits people would come up with gets me excited. I think this would be an amazing addition to the list of ideas put on the spirit week list.