New Businesses in Lisbon

Lisbon Ohio is a small village known for its fascinating history. You can find many businesses in our town including market stores, an art gallery, the theatre and much more! Everyday citizens in the community are always making new ideas to help improve our town.

¨Almost Perfect¨ is the newly established non profitable second hand store. Just opening in the later months of summer, Almost Perfect sells almost everything, such as furniture, home goods, books, utensils and anything in between. The store is located in the downtown square of Lisbon and holds many antiques that are now for sale. You can make donations to help support and build this shop as it is still a small business.

Thomas Eastek Jr. as of recently bought the well-known food market, Sparkle and has many plans in store to revamp it making it better than before. His first initial idea was to transform it into a plaza, wanting to help small businesses hoping to see shops like bakeries and deli bars move in. This would be a good look for our town as it would introduce even more businesses that would give us more options and places to buy from. 

Tails of the Town is a new pet grooming salon located in the uptown area of Lisbon! Owner, Carla Sadler is happy to say that she and her business is going well. She provides a full-service including cuts, baths and nail trimming. In the earlier months of 2020, they announced that everybody who made an appointment will be entered to receive a $25 gift card for any grooming service. For more information on the salon you can call 330-831-9545 or visit their FaceBook page, Tails of the Town!

Although we are a small town we have a variety of shops here and many more on the way. To help out our village it is important to support the small businesses located in the community. Lisbon has so much history behind it, and it is our role as citizens here to keep this town alive.