Fashion Trends of 2021


Every year comes with multiple different trends. Whether it’s an online challenge, music genres, makeup looks or simply the clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis. You can discover different styles from all over the world, no matter how small your town is. So take a look at all of the fashion trends of 2021!


Argyle Sweaters:

     Argyle sweaters were popularized in the beginning of the 1920s. The vintage print was first adopted in Scotland and would later make its way to the states. After many decades argyle sweaters are still popular and are more trendier than before. With the help of the app, TikTok big creators such as Claire Drake and Noah Miller have influenced fashion in the past few months, wearing argyle sweater vests. 


Doc Martens 

     The Doc Marten brand is known for its iconic boot which made its comeback in the fashion industry around 2017. With fashion based youtubers and Instagram models help, Doc Martens have been able to become an international trend, with fashion critics saying “Excellent quality” … they “Last longer than average boots.” ( Throughout the years Doc Martens were only recognized for their leather lace-up boots, but in the later months of 2020 would their other products like the Leather Oxford Shoe and the Doc Marten Mary Janes gain popularity of their own as well. 


Oversized Knit Sweaters 

    Knit sweater pullovers were first introduced in western culture fashion in the 1920s. The sweaters have been able to be changed from era to era, most popularly known in the 80s. Made of different patterns and yarns, sweaters keep you warm during the colder months. Recently a brand with the name ESNT has reinvented the look with even more patterns and designs than before. With oversized wear becoming more in style, knit sweaters have become an international phenomenon for everybody to enjoy and with many options to choose from.


Bucket Hats

     Bucket hats became a huge staple in street fashion in the 80s and 90s. African culture was a huge help with the rise of this hat in particular. Although they have never been out of style, you will see more name-brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Ralph Lauren’s partake in this trend. With the comeback of 80s fashion, scrunchies, windbreakers and tie dye, a bucket hat is just one of many to add on to your list!