Stop & Watch!


The following are classic movies that I would recommend watching. 


Stand By Me 

4.8 / 5 Stars 



It’s a blistering hot day and four boys are avoiding the heat by relaxing in the shade near a junkyard’s water pump. While cooling off, they effortlessly throw tiny rocks into a can. When they learn about a dead body located somewhere near them, they decide to search for it. Each boy brings out his own life perspective by sharing a story while on their life changing mission. Maturity hits them head on when they ultimately find what they are looking for. How will they cope? 



4.6 / 5 Stars



This hair-raising classic directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock begins with Phoenix secretary Marion Crane. After stealing $40,000 from her boss, and a rainstorm changing the plans, she ends up at the rundown Bates Motel. There she meets Norman. What follows leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. 


Napoleon Dynamite 

4.5 / 5 Stars 



If you want a good laugh, this one’s for you. Jared Hess uses dry humor in the film “Napoleon Dynamite” where he depicts Napoleon Dynamite as a frizzy-haired, antisocial, high-school nerd of all nerds. As if things can’t get any worse, his grandma gets injured in a dune buggy accident, and his Uncle Rico comes to live with him. Having no friends, Napoleon befriends the new kid named Pedro: Pedro barely speaks English and is the only Latino in school. The two team up and launch a campaign for Pedro to run as class president.  


Field of Dreams

4.5 / 5 Stars 



A farmer is standing in the center of a cornfield when he hears a voice saying “If you build it, he will come.” Startled, he looks around to find nobody in sight. He hears it again, but softer. Then, to his confusion, farmer Ray is presented with a baseball diamond right in the middle of the cornfield. The voice promises him that if he builds it, Joe Jackson will play on it. Wait… is the movie about baseball or losing someone you love? The imaginative aspect of the movie really gives it a new light that most movies cease to offer. 


Sixteen Candles

4 / 5 Stars 

Romantic Comedy 


Turning sixteen was not so sweet for Samantha Baker. Everything was going wrong; starting with her family forgetting her birthday which set off a chain of misfortunes. While dealing with all of this, she is awkwardly dealing with her crush on Jake Ryan the senior jock. By the end, all of her unlikely adventures turn into heartfelt moments. We learn that nobody is perfect, but you have to work with what you have.