Importance of a Support System

One thing that has been really important for everyone through their whole lives is having a good support system. Whether it be your immediate family, distant relatives, or your friends it is always good to have people there for you no matter what. 


 I went and interviewed two people, a high schooler and a middle schooler. When I had talked to Nick Freeman, a freshman, he had said that a good support system is really important. When I asked why, he responded with, “In many ways a strong support system will be able to keep you accountable for your actions, making you a better person. Sharing experiences can also help because it helps you realize that you’re not alone in your issues.” Then I went and asked Ellie Bibbee, a seventh grader, why she thought a strong support system was important. She replied with, “It’s important because you will always have people there to support you and keep you motivated. With school, and other things in life.” I then went on to ask her if she had a good support system, and she said that she does. 


While your support systems may always be changing, it’s always good to have one. Whether it be small or big, they will always be there for you. With school, or any other issues you may face.