Basketball and COVID-19 with Adam Spencer


Today I sat down with senior basketball player Adam Spencer to talk with him about how Covid has affected him and his team this year. Covid has been different for all of us. A lot has changed on and off the court. Today I got to look into how a basketball player feels about it. 


  1. What do practices look like due to Covid?
  2. “We space out way more. When we do drills we try to stay with the same partner. We don’t share water, drinks, or food. There is handsanitizer in the locker room and gym that we use before and after practice.”


  1. Have you had any games cancelled due to Covid?
  2. “After I tested positive we shut down for two weeks. We also couldn’t play games against Southern Local or Youngstown Academy of Urban Scholars. We have had several games cancelled because other teams have tested positive.”


  1. How many times has the team been quarantined?
  2. “Our team has luckily only been quarantined once and that was after I tested positive for Covid-19.”


  1. How has testing positive for Covid-19 affected your body? 
  2. “I still can’t smell or taste . I went to B Dubs and got wings but couldn’t taste them. I just felt the texture in my mouth. My lungs are not okay. It looks like they will take about 1-8 months for my lungs to recover. I have had many times at practice and one time at a game when I pushed myself way too hard and could not breath. It is not fun. There is inflammation in both lungs but the left one is way worse.”


  1. How has Covid-19 affected your senior basketball season and senior year in general? 
  2. “It completely messed it up. School is not the same neither is hanging out with friends. There are a lot of school events that havent happened that would be nice for senior year. Overall, it is hard not to be able to experience a normal senior year like everyone else.”