DAHS Teacher Highlights

Everyday walking into school we are greeted by our friends and teachers. Every single person is making a difference however there are some that stand out apart from others.

One being Mr. Ryan Snyder. Walking in every morning you notice Mr. Snyder greeting every passing student and teacher. He is always in a wonderfully positive mood and is alway encouraging everyone to smile. He has an ability to connect with all of his students and children that aren’t his students. Not only is he a fun person to be around but he also makes things in the classroom fun. He is capable of keeping all students involved while still making progress. While being a great teacher he is still quite disciplined when enforcing the rules. He can just as easily enforce the rules if someone starts getting out of hand.

Runner up is Mr. Jordan Wrask. He is always able to joke around with his students and still get things done. He has a light sense of humor and the ability to connect with his students and peers. “I enjoy Mr. Wrask because I like how he’s funny but we can still get through the material quick.” says Brooklyn Cousins.

Finally in third we have Mrs. Ashley Wallace. She is always nice to everyone and makes everyone laugh. She is able to befriend her students yet still hold authority. She is always willing to help someone in need whether it be with school or if you just need someone to talk to, she is always there for you. “ She is always nice and makes everyone laugh. She is also a helpful person and I would consider her one of my friends.” says Kelsi Brown.