Statewide School News

In the last year there have been many changes to school. Such as having in class and remote learners, schedules, masks and different rules within schools. While there have been different things Governor Mike DeWine has done to help everyone affected by the changes, he hopes that everything will go back to normal soon.  

In early January DeWine had said that he wanted everyone to be back in school and learning like before on March 1st, “Mike DeWine announced a goal of resuming “in-person school by March 1″” (The Columbus Dispatch). While there is no set plan to achieve this, he hopes that with educators all over Ohio getting vaccines we will be able to attend school again. Then, in a later statement Mike DeWine said that schools who intend to open and get back in person will have the vaccine, “DeWine suggested that only schools that are operating in-person, or that indicate they’re willing to shift to fully in-person classes, might be offered the shots” (The Columbus Dispatch). He also mentioned that places that got hit hardest, such as Columbus will have the vaccines first.