Seniors Future Plans

Seniors Future Plans

Our 2020 Seniors have  very bright futures ahead of them. Here are their plans: 

Blake Reynolds- will attend YSU and become a teacher  

Emily Weddle- will attend YSU and become a nurse practitioner

Isabell Perez- will attend college and major in psychology, then will attend law school and become a lawyer 

Laura Waters- will attend Kent State Salem and major in insurance and become an insurance adjuster 

Tyler Toot- will attend an apprenticeship school to become an electrician 

Dylan Nyardy- will attend Pittsburgh technical college, not sure about job yet 

Carlie Zimmerman- will take a year off and move to Louisiana 

Nicolas Mundy- will go to YSU to study massage therapy or will be a chiropractor 

Abby Davis- will attend Ohio Valley and become a dental assistant 

Anna Lange- will work for a year and decide from there 

Maddie Liberati- will attend Baldwin Wallace and major in business and marketing 

Tea Peppel- will attend Kent Salem and will be a radiologist 

Makenna Swanson- will attend YSU for law school 

Brandon Schmitt- will attend the New Castle school of trade for welding 

Cassandra Brandt- will attend YSU for dental hygiene

Joey Fisher- will attend Kent State to study computer security 

Ariel Davidson- will attend Kent Salem for child psychology

Bryanna Vangiesen- will attend Pastry school at Pittsburgh Technical College 

Cheyanne Schreffler- will attend college and then become a horse trainer 

Zane Tray- will attend YSU and will be an electrical engineer 

Colton Vollnogle- will attend the police academy at Kent State Salem, and will hopefully get a job as a Sheriff Deputy

Lexie Gentry- will attend YSU undecided 

Austin Whitacre- will attend YSU 

Mindy McGuire- will keep working at a daycare as a teacher and work on getting her CDA’s 

Elycia Smith- will attend Hocking College for their wilderness horsemanship major 

Amanda French- will attend Findlay and major in animal sciences

Benjamin Coleman- residential electrician

Jaikep Entrikin- will attend a trade school for diesel mechanics

Michael Davis- will attend YSU for business administration 

Nevaeh Burkholder- will attend YSU for nursing, and become an RN

Justyn Briand- will attend Kent State undecided 

Austin Craig- will attend YSU for medical lab science 

Jaden Harmon- will attend PTC 

Kaden Crawford- to continue working at Butech and go to Eastern Gateway

Tori Bowersock- will attend Westminster College majoring in criminal justice and psychology and playing softball 

Dillon Cousins- military or welding 

Joseph Ebert- will attend Kent State and major in English with a minor in creative writing, and eventually write novels after possibly joining the army reserves 

Jermey Bricker- will attend UNOH to follow their racing career 

Katelyn Hutton- will attend YSU and major in dental hygiene

Daniel Fox- Landscaping