Senior Wills

Senior Wills

Our 2020 Seniors have left their mark on DAHS and they would like to leave behind valuable gifts to the underclassmen:

Isabell Perez- I will leave my legacy as a basketball point guard to Tabby Ketchum. 

Laura Waters- I will leave my best dressed opinion poll award to Maddie Buchanan. 

Tyler Toot- I will leave my ability to make everything fun to Tyler Graham. 

Dylan Nyardy- I will leave all my drama to the village. 

Carlie Zimmerman- I will leave the senior year I didn’t get to the underclassmen, hoping they have a better year than we did. 

Nicolas Mundy- I will leave my huge calves to Ryan Reckner. 

Anna Lange- I will leave all my sarcasm skills with Ralph Schreffler. 

Maddie Liberati- I will leave my goofiness to Jade Crooms. 

Tea Peppel- I will leave Gavin Peppel with the family name- don’t mess it up. 

Makenna Swanson- I will leave my dancing skills to Autumn Henniger. 

Brandon Schmitt- I will leave all of my high school memories to everyone

Abby Davis- I will leave my ability to get away with nothing to Chloe Davis

Alivia Leyman- I will leave my idc attitude to Parker Henthorne 

Cassandra Brandt- I will leave my saxophone to my sister Bailey Brandt, freshman. 

Joey Fisher- I will leave my ability to not take anything and everything serious to Ryan M. 

Ariel Davidson- I will leave my ditziness to Maddy Buchanan.

Bryanna Vangiesen- I will leave my basketball skills to Parker Henthorne. 

Cheyanne Schreffler- I will leave all my smart comments to Danielle Shaffer. 

Zane Tray- I will leave my lack of remorse to Nicole Stone. 

Colton VolInogle- I will leave my uno playing skills to the underclassmen in CBI. 

Lexie Gentry- I will leave my pompom to Leah Achberger. 

Emily Weddle- I will leave my ability to not care about anything to the underclassmen. 

Austin Whitacre- I will leave luck to everyone. 

Mindy McGuire- I will leave my music taste to whoever needs it. 

Blake Reynolds- I will leave my love for baseball to Ryan McCullough. 

Elycia Smith- I will leave my love for music to Bobby Harris. 

Amanda French- I will leave my flute, Emelia, to Kara Diludovico. 

Ben Coleman- I will leave my part time job to Tyler Graham. 

Jaikep Entrikin- I will leave my parking spot to Jaidynn Entrikin. 

Michael Davis- I will leave my shooting form to Joey D. 

Nevaeh Burkholder- I will leave my ability to procrastinate till the last second to Autumn Heninger. 

Justyn Briand- I will leave my ability to be leader to Abram Simms.

Kaden Crawford- I will leave my height to Joey D. 

Austin Craig- I will leave my golf swing to Brayden Flory.

Dillon Cousins- I will leave my sarcasm to the underclassman. 

Tori Bowersock- I will leave my leadership skills to Justyce Vrable. 

Jermey Bricker- I will leave my machining skills to Zane Tullis. 

Katelyn Hutton- I will leave my lack of attendance to the underclassman.

Jaden Harmon- I will leave my artistic ability to Madison Lowther. 

Daniel Fox- I will leave my open mindset to the underclassman. 

Joseph Ebert- I will Barry Diludivico will now declare horn flashes.