Students Schedules Change Drastically

Students Schedules Change Drastically

Due to the COVID-19 virus, many students have had to go through some changes for school work and for life outside of school. Although it may be a challenge, students have adapted fairly well and are doing their best to get their work done on time. Some students have found ways to get schoolwork done whether it is driving to a parking lot near wifi because they don’t have it at home, or by simply maintaining their hourly schedule throughout the ¨school¨ day. 

A junior at DAHS, Julia Leko, said that her day consists of waking up, eating breakfast then she proceeds to go workout. Julia then starts on her school work and does about half of it, later eating lunch or dinner again. Afterwards continuing schoolwork, then going to sleep at the end of the day. Julia says that her overall lifestyle has become healthier, and she feels more productive than usual.

Daimen McCormick, a sophomore, says his day consists of waking up and doing some school work. He then makes food, takes a shower, and then goes outside to do some yard work around the house. Daimen also goes fishing in his free time, and occasionally rides four wheelers or dirt bikes. Then when it becomes later in the day, more towards night time, he finishes his school work and plays video games.

Junior Abram Simms says he wakes up at 11:30am everyday, eats breakfast, and does his school work until 1 or 2pm. Once his work is completed, he goes out to his garage and works on his derby car until 8 or 9pm. Abram then comes back inside to eat dinner, and then gets on PlayStation. He then plays games until 2am, and then goes to sleep.

Another junior, Jason Steves, says that his day consists of waking up around 10am and getting started on his online classes that he must do. He proceeds to do online classwork for about four hours. He then gets on his PlayStation for an hour or so and then goes back to doing more schoolwork, which takes him until 3am to complete. He then eventually goes to bed and repeats the next day like the last. His overall life has changed in an unfortunate way. He states that the work that is given by most teachers is more than he would have in a regular day. He finds this more stressful and irritating. 

Overall, students seem to be adapting in their own way as best as they can. The important thing is to start each day with a positive attitude.