World War III?

In early January of this year, President Donald Trump sent a drone strike to Iran. Trump sent the strike in order to kill Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s top military leaders. Trump later said he sent the drone strike to stop a war, not start one. After this, there was increased tensions between both countries, causing the U.S. to brace for attacks, and caused oil prices to shoot up. Americans in Iraq were also warned by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to leave immediately. Additional troops are being deployed to Iraq. Iraq has vowed to exact severe revenge. There have been divided opinions on this topic, obviously between democrats and republicans.


Republican state that this was a good action from the president. They think Qasem Soleimani was a very bad man, backed up by how many of our soldiers were killed from actions from this man. He was a powerful terrorist at the time, even killing his own people. Republicans believe it was important for the U.S. to step in and help everyone involved.

Democrats are all somewhat against the strike. They are concerned about Trump’s true purpose for the strike, and want more details about his purpose. Trump did not consult with congress about the actions of this strike, and they are also worried it was used as a distraction from his recent impeachment. They say it was a huge gamble with national security.


This increasing tension has concerned many people that World War III is coming soon. Iraq has “vowed to exact severe revenge” on the U.S. They also recently have offered $80 million for Trump’s head. This is not a good thing, but Iraq and its people have also said they love Americans and their problem is not with the American people, but with our leaders. This energy from Iraq is mildly comforting but World War I started with one assassination. Will World War III too?