Varsity Boys Basketball – Update

Varsity Boys Basketball - Update

The Lisbon Varsity Boys Basketball team is having a decent season. Their record is 6-8. The senior players are very excited for the rest of the season, but are very sad that their basketball career is coming to an end. They hope to improve their record throughout the season. They are half way through it, working on playing as a team rather than playing as individuals. Recently they won against Wellsville. It was a big win for Lisbon because Wellsville previously beat one of the best teams in the league.

Ryan McCullough has been part of the varsity team for three years and is currently a junior. Ryan thinks the team communicates well, but could make improvements. He loves the coaching staff. He says that the way they do things works for them as a team. Ryan has very high expectations for upcoming games and the following season. He is looking forward to his senior year with his amazing teammates.