Junior High Top of the Class

When asked which students were off to the best start this school year, the junior high teachers had a tough choice to make. I received a fairly long list of names, but the ones that ended up in this article are truly the cream of the crop. These 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have set goals and are on the right track to reach them. Not all of these kids are necessarily at the top of their class, but they are true hard-working, good students. I narrowed the list I was given down to 6 individuals, a boy and girl from each grade, who are good examples to be followed by fellow students.

Cassie Brandt, 6th grade, has done well with the move to DAHS. “The food is definitely better here”, she said, when asked about the differences between McKinley Elementary and DAHS. Cassie also loves her new teachers. She is a member of academic challenge and chess club. She has goals to keep up her good work in school and attend the Honors and Builders trip in Washington D.C. in the spring.

Justyn Briand, also in 6th grade, agrees with Cassie that the food in his new school is definitely better. This is Justyn’s second year in Lisbon schools, but being a part of the football team has gotten him acclimated to his relatively new surroundings. Along with football, Justyn is thinking about playing basketball this winter. Briand hopes to pass all of his OAA’s this year, and be a part of the Honors and Builders Club.

Marisa Spooner was chosen to represent the 7th grade as the girl student who is off to the best start this year. Marisa is a member of the cross country team and academic challenge. Her goals are to keep her grades up this year, and hopefully go to Washington D.C. with the Honors and Builders Club.

Colby Baker, 7th grade, hopes to keep his grades up this year and read lots of books. He wants to join Just Say No club and the Honors and Builders Club. Colby already has goals for High School; he’s excited to dissect animals in biology with Mr. Watt.

For the 8th grade, teachers chose Eva Deruyter as the girl representative. Eva already is prepping for high school. She hopes to graduate in the top 10 of her class and join several clubs. She also hopes to keep up with the sports she currently participates in; cheerleading, volleyball, track and basketball. When she thinks about next year, her freshman year of high school, more than anything she is excited for the experience. She looks forward to the homecomings, dances and the DAHS school spirit.

Isaac Wiley represents the 8th grade as the boy student who is off to the best start this year. Isaac has done a complete 180 from his past years of junior high, and is working hard to get his grades up. Isaac looks forward to taking Spanish once he gets into high school. He also hopes to remain a member of the football team throughout his high school career.