Sunni Sacconi & Jackson Cornwell – Out of School Activities


Sunni Sacconi enjoys barrel racing and pole bending in her free time. Barrel racing is a rodeo event, where a horse and a rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. Pole bending is a timed event that a horse and rider run, weave, or serpentine a path around six poles arranged in a line. Sunni finds that the adrenaline rush she gets is the best thing out there when she’s on her horse in the arena. She does not participate in any sports at school, so finding the time for practice and improvement is not a problem. Sunni has been barrel racing and pole bending for 12 years now. She has made many new friends and really enjoys her activities.

Jackson Cornwell participates in theater. The aspect he finds interesting about theater is all the different characters you can be in different shows. Jackson says, “You get to enter a new world and show them to the audience.” He said he’s only able to perform in shows at certain times of the year where he isn’t doing other things. He started theater nine years ago when he was seven years old. Jackson has met some of his closest and best friends through theater. He has also met role models, teachers, and mentors. Through theater, he has gained a passion for the art form, as well as the ability to apply himself and work hard. “The only downside to theater is losing all of your free time that you had before you started.” Jackson said he loves performing more than anything and hopes to major in theater.