Eminem’s New Album – Review

Eminems New Album - Review

Last Friday Eminem released his most recent album called, Music to Be Murdered By. The album consists of 20 songs. One of the more popular songs on the album is “Godzilla.” The song is quite catchy. It makes you feel motivated in a way, and gives the feeling of good vibes. Towards the end of the song Eminem raps faster than he did in “Rap God.” In “Rap God” Eminem had 9.53 syllables per second, and in “Godzilla” he had 11.73 syllables per second, which is quite a bit more in comparison to the other one.

Another song on the album is “Darkness.” This song is about the Las Vegas Shooter in the perspective of the shooter. This song is a very interesting take on that perspective. Usually when you listen to a song it makes you feel like the good guy, but in this case, it puts you in the perspective of someone who is committing a crime.

There is another song called “Step Dad” that shines light on domestic violence from the perspective of a child. This song can hit really deep into the feelings of someone who has ever encountered a traumatic experience like this. Overall this album is quite controversial, however it is a good album to listen to.