Junior High Girls Basketball – Update


The Jr High Girls Basketball team has been working very hard this year at David Anderson. The team consists of 7th graders Ayana Douglas, Julia Long, and Miekah Pierson. The 8th graders are Alyssa Wells, Brooklynn Cousins, Ava Brothers, Cami Freeland, Morgan Lively, Hannah Weems, Amore Ramos, and Serenity Stacy. The girls have currently won five games and lost four, they have three games left. It is tradition that Cami Freeland gives pep talks before the game. She normally says things like “don’t bring yourself down, act like you want to be here and you’re on the court, not in bed so act like it.” The girls claim these pep talks really motivate and help them.

Their record so far is 5-7.  The 7th grade girls are excited to take the place of the current 8th graders next year and help the upcoming 7th grade. The 8th grade girls are excited to move onto high school basketball and continue to be part of the team. The girls love playing basketball and are glad to be a part of the DAHS Jr High team.