Izzy Perez – All Time Leading Scorer


Senior Izzy Perez broke the all-time leading scoring record for girls basketball at Lisbon during their game against Southern Local on January 27th. She ended the game with 1,273 points, passing Karlee Pezzano, who held the record before her with 1,271. Izzy has already broke the record for most assists and steals, and she just keeps adding to her collection of records. Her senior year has been very successful for her so far and she plans to continue it.

The night she broke the all-time leading scoring record she wore number 24 in honor of the recent death of NBA player, Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant was a big inspiration in the basketball world and a huge inspiration to Izzy’s basketball career as well. She was such a fan of Kobe and felt it was necessary to represent such a legend.