The Struggles of Poverty


Many people struggle with money every day all over the world. This includes students and parents of students who attend Lisbon David Anderson. Many people either spend their money poorly or they do not have access to a reliable job. Although many people in our school go through hardships pertaining to their financial situation every day, it goes unnoticed by their peers. Poverty is a very real issue in today’s society.

People struggle with money because they can’t get a job or they won’t get a job. Some of these individuals get welfare checks to take care of their family or pay bills and buy food. Not everyone who struggles with money is able to get welfare checks. Many people go out and get jobs so they can get money, but it gets hard sometimes to find a job that pays decent or that will hire you.

Another problem that makes it hard to be financially stable is the fact that many people have too many children to support. This can put strain on the family because parents want to give their kids the best they can but can’t always afford it. In worse cases it can make it hard for parents to provide food and shelter for their children let alone the necessities.

In Lisbon 32.3% or 850 out of 2,631 people live below the poverty line. This means that Lisbon’s population has a higher poverty rate than the national average of 14%. To help with this there are homes that charge rent based on your income. There are also many programs that offer assistance to people who are a certain percentage below the poverty average. If you or anyone you know is having problems with poverty please seek help.