Junior High Boys Basketball


The Junior High Boys Basketball team is just starting their season. The 7th grade team has 7 players and the 8th grade team has 10players. The 7th graders are working hard to keep up with last year’s reputation. They have been practicing a lot and preparing for a great season, both teams have very high expectations. The 8th grade is expected to win their first game against Heartland Christian because of their record last year of 18-0.

The coaches are Doug and Avery Andric. Avery is a Lisbon alumni and is part of our 1,000 point club so he’s a great coach with a ton of experience. Thisis the second year of coaching for both coaches. They are looking to improve their team as the season goes on. They coach great team players and help them grow as athletes for the future. The junior high team is excited for upcoming challenges and see where the season takes them.