Christmas Songs – Old and New


Christmas is a holiday that children all around the world look forward to every year. With Christmas comes music, music that is played right after Halloween right up until the beginning of the New Year. Christmas music has been around since the early 13th century, a long time after the holiday was first celebrated. Christmas music today is meant to lighten your spirits and get you in the proper mood for all the festivities to come.

Some of the more classic Christmas songs that are still played to this day include “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,”  “All I Want for Christmas,” “Silent Night,” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” These are all classical songs that many people, young and old, can enjoy and sing along to. There are also songs that have many different adaptations, such as “Baby Its Cold Outside,” by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. This takes a classic Christmas carol and modernizes it to fit todays 21st century.

Some of the new Christmas songs that have come out recently are “Like Its Christmas” by The Jonas Brothers and “Make it Christmas” by Alessia Cara. A lot of the music nowadays sounds like the older Christmas music but with a twist. Music has modernized a lot. There are a lot more different styles than there used to be. So be on the lookout for some of the new Christmas songs when you are out driving or shopping.