Social Media – Is it a Good Thing?


Social media has a big impact on kids because it is a way for them to break out of there comfort zones and discover new things every day. Social media impacts us because we can talk to friends and stay updated with everything that goes on. Although social media has a positive effect on students, it has a negative effect on some people. A lot of people get bullied through social media because it is easier to speak your mind. People express themselves with the pictures they post, and the messages they send. But sometimes these messages can hurt other people’s feelings. This is one of the worst cons about social media. Some pros are, you can talk to people that you don’t see often and you can stay updated with all of your friends.

Mr. Burnell has a similar opinion. He says, “There is too big of an impact on not all kids, but most.” Although social media impacts most kids, he says, “social media allows me to keep in touch with people I don’t usually see in person like college friends, but other than that, social media does not have a big impact on me.” Mr. Burnell went on to say, “I think it effects people negatively because people talk about other people badly because it is easier than in person because there are no consequences,” but it can be positive for some people. Mr. Burnell thinks  that kids can express themselves through social media. He thinks, “they can absolutely express themselves through social media because it is easier to think about what to post.” He believes that a pro of social media is, “you can talk to people that you haven’t seen in a while, a lot of students are friends with people from different schools because of social media.” And some cons are, “People can be rude to other people because there is no filter. Bullying is a lot easier. I have students come in crying because of people talking about them or taking pictures of them on social media.”

A student also has some of the same views on social media. Senior Izzy Perez, thinks, “social media effects kids beneficially and non-beneficially. It depends on how kids use the forms of social media, like Instagram or snapchat.” Social media impacts her in a way that impacts many others. She says, “Social media is a way for me to express myself better than I could in person because I have more time to think about what I am going to post and more time to edit what I post. I can be more open with who I am on social media rather than in person.” Izzy and Mr. Burnell have different opinions of social media having a positive or negative affect on people. Izzy states, “It depends on how you use it, but I personally think, it affects me positively because of how our generation uses it to get news or information about what’s going on in the world. Usually, adults think about social media as a way for gossip and drama, but they don’t use it like we use it.” She also says, “each and every person has their own page that everyone can use in their own way.” In her perspective, some pros of social media are, “you can stay updated with information, news, and fashion on social media because I enjoy looking at fashionable things and makeup.” Some cons are, “people use social media to talk badly about people, drama, and bullying.”

In conclusion, there are a lot of different opinions and views on social media. It can be a way to express yourself, stay updated with worldly news, talk to friends you don’t see often, and even make new friends. Although there are a lot of good qualities, there are some bad ones like, people using it to bully others because it is easier to get away with, and people use it to talk about others badly which can leave people with hurt feelings.  Social media is a good way to express yourself and to talk to new people, but it shouldn’t be used to bully others.