Sleep Deprivation


A problem that many teens face in high school is sleep deprivation. Whether it may be from being up all night doing homework, working, or just not being able to sleep. Depending on the student, there can be different reasons as to why they are sleep deprived. We think that everyone is affected by sleep deprivation, and school can only make it worse. When kids are sleep deprived it can take a toll on their focus, causing grades to slip, and sometimes students can even become depressed.

Mr. Witman and Ms. Deichler seem to agree on the fact that sleep deprivation definitely affects students in their class. Mr. Witman finds that this happens more so in the morning than any other time of the day, while Ms. Deichler believes it happens in the morning in addition to the end of the day. “I think that kids being sleep deprived really hurts them in the long run. Their focus is lost, and as a result their grades can drop,” Mr. Witman stated.

Sleep deprivation can hurt students and their potential. Even teachers seem to agree on this fact. There are things that students and schools can work together on to resolve this issue, whether it be less homework, being more responsible on the student’s part, or even making first period not so early. Sleep deprivation does not have to ruin high school students, or their grades.