Outlook on Teaching Jr.High vs High School


Some teachers at DAHS teach both junior high and high school students. Mrs. Mundy is one such teacher. She has been teaching junior high for the past two years and on and off in the past.  Mrs. Mundy said, “High school is easier because junior high is very energetic compared to high school.” She said as far as planning they are about equal. When asked about the teaching curriculum, she said “They are about the same, but the difference is high school is a bit easier. I have been teaching high school longer and I feel like that’s why it’s easier for me.”

Mrs. Mundy said, “The junior high is more energetic than the high school, I don’t have as much down time as I do with the high school.” She said that she likes to teach both junior high and high school, but neither one nor the other. “You get used to the junior high because it’s so easy to entertain as to where high school is more relaxed and calm.” She said that the experience she gets from junior high and high school is different, she can have something planned for junior high and they might not get through that lesson for the day. On the other hand for high school she feels like she can plan something for the day and they will finish it.