One Day at a Time – Netflix Series Review


One Day at a Time is a Netflix original that started airing on January 6th, 2017, and produced three seasons of the show, each containing 13 episodes that ran for around 30 minutes. The show is loosely based on the original One Day at a Time series, but this time the show details the modern day lives of a Cuban-American family. The series showcases a lot of hard hitting issues we don’t normally see in such a popular, well produced show. The main characters of One Day at a Time all help expose people to important topics, and represent these topics in their own stories.

Penelope is a single mom who struggles with PTSD because of her history in the military. She works hard to provide for her kids, while also dealing with her mother’s refusal to let go of her dead husband, her daughter coming out, her son’s behavioral problems, and her neighbor/landlord’s own family issues. The show also discusses sexism, racism, and even has non-binary characters. Even with all these heavy issues, One Day at a Time still manages to be a light and funny sitcom.

The show was sadly cancelled on March 14th, 2019. Most who have watched the show say that Netflix should continue sharing the show on their platform. Jackson Cornwell said he loved the show, because it faced serious issues, while still making it comical and heart felt. He felt very close to home with the situations and feelings the characters went through, and says the show should definitely continue. Olivia McCoy wasn’t directly impacted by any of the representation in the show, but still thinks it was all very important, and thought the show was amazing. Even Mr. Burnell was personally impacted by One Day at a Time because of his own daughter’s coming out journey, and he thinks this show was absolutely hilarious and should be continued, if not for the representation then the overall enjoyment of the show. They all share one thing in common, and it’s their desire for the show to be continued.  Lucky enough for all of us the show was picked up by Pop and will be revived in 2020.