Student Participation in Sports

A problem our school is facing is the lack of student participation in sports. Over the years, the number of students trying out for team sports has gone down. The high school girls’ basketball team only has 7 players. Another issue is that open enrollment kids aren’t attending our school anymore and class numbers are dropping. Students have interviewed our administration and a student from Lisbon to get their input.

When talking to Mr. Bing about our open enrollment issue, his response was, “Open enrollment is up and not a problem.” He also mentioned offering better courses would get more students to attend our school. Fewer students are participating in school sports and functions over the past few years. Mr. Bing thinks more students are involved in out of school activities, like work. There is also more for kids to do outside of school than there used to be. He said, “More kids would rather play with their phones than do physical activity.”

Mr. Crismon is a former Lisbon girls’ basketball coach. He thinks the reason less girls are trying out for basketball is because the people that should be trying out are not. He stated that it’s a huge time commitment and most students don’t want to commit to it or just simply don’t have the time. Mr. Crismon suggested that we should keep basketball for younger children fun so they want to stick with it.

The freshman class is the smallest class in our school at the moment. Many are wondering why there are so few students. A freshman, Madelyn Lowther, thinks that the reason we’re losing students is because Lisbon is such a small town. She suggested that our school should make it mandatory to play one sport throughout high school so more kids participate. Madelyn does not participate in school sports because they do not look fun and she would rather be at home, like many other students say.