School Spirit

School Spirit

In the past few years, a lot of students and staff have noticed a drop in the school spirit at David Anderson. Not as many students participate in spirit week for homecoming, or even the themes at sporting events anymore. Not only that, but also the amount of students attending the games has decreased. So, the editors of the newspaper set out to find the answers as to why.

Mrs. Matthews has been a part of Pep Club for a very long time. She said that she has noticed the drop in spirit these last few years. Her ideas to help the problem is to do more social things as classes to get more involved. Some examples she gave were can food drives, volunteer work, and overall things that would bring a class together to show spirit. One of the best themes that she has seen was the decade theme, but she thought it would be a better idea to assign each grade a decade. Another idea she had was to start participating in Red Ribbon Week again to have more themes for the students.  She had great ideas that should definitely be considered.

Mrs. Beech is in charge of Pep Club now. She said she did notice the lack of school spirit, and she thinks it has something to do with how the students are not as interested. She noticed that the attendance and participation has dropped. Her main thought on why this has been happening is that the senior class sets the tone for the rest of the grades. Meaning, if the upperclassmen start to participate more, the underclassmen will follow. Mrs. Beech said the first theme for the football game, which was glow in the dark/neon has been the best so far. All these were great suggestions on how to improve spirit.

Mr. Bing is the assistant principal and athletic director. He’s been at the school for seven years. He believes the drop in spirit is student driven. He said, “It comes down to leadership, so if there is none, everything else goes down.”  He also said that the opportunities are there to enhance school spirit, such as fan of the week and student appreciation night, where the students get in for free. He noticed a drop in attendance as well. The schools main goal is to give students opportunities to voice themselves and express spirit in the school. For example, there are Pep Club and Student Council, which are both clubs for students to speak up and have their own voice. But he feels no student takes advantage of that. Overall, it really just comes down to the students and whether or not there is spirit in the school.

All of the opinions were in agreement, spirit is mostly, if not all, student driven. The upperclassmen have to take charge to pull this school back together. Possibly Pep Club could start passing out surveys of themes for the students to pick their favorites. This way more students will participate because they chose the themes.