New Businesses in Lisbon


There are new businesses in Lisbon. The Discount Drug Mart recently opened and Taco Bell is under construction. The established businesses, such as Sparkle Market, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and Subway are going to have to compete with these new businesses to keep their customers.

Places like McDonalds, Subway, and Dunkin will not have too much of an issue bringing in sales. Rite Aid, Dollar General, and Family Dollar may have a tough time. Sparkle Market will also be competing with Drug Mart, who has pretty good deals on their food. Also, Drug Mart is kind of an all in one, like a miniature Wal-Mart. They have food, medicine, and a pharmacy, which may hurt Rite Aid. Drug Mart also has a selection of tools, hardware, electrical, and plumbing equipment and even movies. McDonalds will have to compete with Taco Bell because they will be next to each other. A lot of people will be going to Taco Bell when it opens because people are used to having to go to another town for Taco Bell. They will also get a good amount of sales when it comes time for the fairs, because it is right down the street from the fairgrounds. It is a great time for businesses on the main road to have special advertisements to bring in customers.

Overall, it will be good to have some more businesses in this little town. We need more fast food and small stores